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Research theme 1 on climate and weather information: What information on climate services do you need? Jun 30, 2015 In this online discussion forum on June 30 at 11:30 am London time we will discuss the BRACED Knowledge Manager research theme on climate and weather information, which is still under development. The KM plans to produce an ‘evidence digest’ on this topic, synthesizing existing information and state-of-the-art in climate services. We would like to discuss ideas for this theme and what to include in the digest.
Making the most of the BRACED website May 5, 2015 - 11:40 AM EDT How will the BRACED website be of use to you? If you're wondering how to negotiate it - and make the most of it - please join us for an online discussion exploring the site and answering your questions on Tuesday, 19 May, at 2:30 pm GMT/3:30 pm London time. To join, please come to: http://www.braced.org/discussions/
BRACED M&E Online Discussion - Answering your questions on the M&E Guidance Notes May 5, 2015 During this one-hour session, the Knowledge Manager will respond to Implementing Partners' questions and feedback on the BRACED M&E Guidance Notes. The discussion will primarily be based on the written feedback already received from Implementing Partners. It will take place on Tuesday 28 April from 10-11 am UK time (GMT+1) (noon to 1 pm Nairobi time).A French translation 'button', using Google translate, will be available to enable the participation of French-speaking colleagues.
Reporting on international security and terrorism Dec 6, 2012 2012 Global Security Seminar, Istanbul, Nov. 12-14
test Oct 8, 2012
Reporting on international security and terrorism Jun 13, 2011 A seminar for journalists, London, June 6 - 8, 2011

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